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Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

Companies that have already prepared their annual plans for 2023 have also created their digital marketing strategies. What awaits us in 2023? What will we talk about digital marketing? Ocopix advertising agency has prepared this guide..

“Music is a high level sport, the soul in addition” – Monsieur

We had a wonderful interview with Monsieur, one of the most beloved names in the music world. We will see a completely different side of Monsieur with the books he reads and the advice he gives to musicians. Let's see what we asked the esteemed artist and what answers we got.

Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Business

You can make more sales by applying your marketing strategies on Halloween. Here are our picks for your business this year!

Special Children Create Miracles With Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy works wonders for our children with Down syndrome and special conditions such as autism. As Onchannelnews, we got together with O.T. For Kids Center and got detailed information about occupational therapy!

How Should You Create Your Digital Marketing Planning?

The fundamental question on many business owners' minds is: With digital marketing so comprehensive, where should we start? In a successful digital marketing plan, you must set a detailed roadmap that includes campaigns and actions.

9 Ways to Motivate Your Team to Increase Your Sales!

At this point, the biggest responsibility falls on company managers. As Onchannelnews, we researched 9 ways that company managers can increase team motivation!